Open Letter Supporting DA Boudin from SF Residents

5 min readMar 31, 2021

Join San Franciscans in support of District Attorney Chesa Boudin and our vision to improve safety and reform our justice system.

Boudin ran for District Attorney to improve public safety and reform a broken criminal justice system, which is devastatingly expensive, inefficient, and inhumane. Boudin put forth his vision for San Francisco, voters said yes, and he was inaugurated in January 2020. Less than 100 days into his term, a global pandemic hit, followed by an economic recession.

We recognize that many people in our communities right now are suffering in this moment, from job loss, health concerns and fears about their personal safety — especially given the recent assault on Asian elders locally and hate crimes across the country. We know that there are safety concerns for all of our communities that need to be addressed, and that the DA’s office has a role to play in improving community safety — as does our Mayor, the police department, community organizations and more.

From the start, Boudin has faced incredibly vicious attacks — led by the reactionary and conservative SF Police Officers Association and Republican forces — -who are threatened by the change that he represents. Only a year into his term, they have launched a recall campaign in an attempt to remove DA Boudin from office, relying on fear-mongering and misinformation. Here are the facts:

FACT: Overall Crime in SF is Down by 23%

  • Crime may not feel down due high-profile cases being sensationalized by the media. But the fact is rapes, robberies, thefts, auto burglaries and assaults are all down by record numbers. There are key crime categories that are up from last year, such as home burglary and homicide, similar to trends in other big cities.

FACT: DA’s Office Prosecutes Thousands of Cases

  • In 2020, DA’s Office filed over 4,500 new criminal cases ranging from petty theft to murder, with a priority on prosecuting violent crimes, especially homicides.

FACT: The DA’s Office cannot prosecute cases when the police do not make an arrest

  • DA’s Office prioritizes crimes like residential burglaries, however, in 2020, 88% of residential burglaries reported to police have not resulted in an arrest, and therefore were never even presented to the DA’s Office for charging.

FACT: DA Boudin has instituted reforms that prioritize public safety

  • These reforms include expanded victim services such as securing housing during the pandemic for domestic violence victims, helping obtain financial support for small businesses that have experienced break-ins, and launching a Community Liaisons program to connect prosecutors to the communities they serve.
  • At the same time the DA is holding police accountable, and filed homicide charges against an on-duty officer for the first time in San Francisco’s history.


We are San Franciscans who want safety for all of our communities.

We are San Franciscans who believe that public safety must include more than just police and jails, that public safety is about services, support and second chances.

We are San Franciscans who care about our communities, who want an end to racial injustice and a dehumanizing criminal justice system that cycles people in and out.

We are San Franciscans who share Chesa’s vision for criminal justice reform, victims’ rights, restorative justice, an end to cash bail and so much more.


Molly Abrams, Noe Valley

Jan Adams, Mission

Amy Aguilera, Excelsior

Yasmeen Ahmed, Ashbury Heights

Natalie Anaya, Inner Sunset

Lety Arce, Ingleside

James R. Bell, Bernal Heights

Jose Bernal, Richmond District

Gloria Berry, Visitacion Valley

Shannon Bolt, Noe Valley

Dylan Borst, Alamo Square

Kathe Burick, Richmond

Sarah Cadwallader, Bernal Heights

Juliet Chaitin-Lefcourt, Ashbury Heights

Adam Chaitin-Lefcourt, Ashbury Heights

Hedy Chang, District 7

Kara Chien, District 1

Jack Chin, District 7

Rick Claymore, Richmond

Rachel Colson, Portola

James Conger, Anza Vista

Chadid Conley, Ingleside

Molly Cooke, Ashbury Heights

Cynthia Crews-Pollock, Excelsior

Parker Day, Nob Hill

Miles Deamer, Nob Hill

Jody DeAraujo, Richmond

Efua Deonbi, Mission District

Zoe Elkins, Glen Park

Vinny Eng, District 8

Scott Feeney, Mission

Amie Fishman, Noe Valley

Conny Ford, Fillmore

Michael Franti, Bayview

Mark Freidlander, Bernal Heights

Peter Gallotta, Tenderloin

Michelle Garcia, District 4

Ruben Garcia, Sunnyside

Danny Glover, Haight-Ashbury

Laura Goldin, Inner Richmond

Hon. Martha Goldin (ret), Inner Richmond

Stefan Goldstone, Mission District

Elizabeth Gordon, Ashbury Heights

Michael Hankin, Mission Bernal

Stuart Hanlon, Haight-Ashbury

Beatriz Herrera, Mission

Evan Hoppin, South of Market

Jenny Huang, Outer Sunset

Vivian Imperiale, District 7

David Johnson-Igra, Mission Terrace

Janelle Jolley, District 8

Madison Kahn, Nob Hill

Rama Kased, Excelsior

Margaret Zoe Kelman, Richmond

Erik Khoi Connell, Richmond

Sujung Kim, District 4

Lyslynn Lacoste, District 5

Ralph Lane, District 4

Claire Lau, Potrero Hill

Antonia Lavine, Noe Valley

Mary Leatherman, Castro

Steve Leeds, Inner Sunset

Sam Lew, Richmond

Arlen Litman-Cleper, Sunset

Genine Lobo, Bayview

Thomas J. Madill, Ashbury Heights

RoseMarie Maliekel, Central Sunset

Esther Marks, Upper Market

Catherine Marroquin, Bernal Heights

Michael Martinez, Golden Gate Heights

Martie Rose Martinez, Pacific Heights

Hon. Tomar Mason (ret), Noe Valley

Andreea Maye, NOPA

Sarah McLaughlin, Sunset

Giuliana Milanese, Bernal Heights

Don Misumi, Richmond

Laurel Muñiz, District 9

Siobhan Norris, Richmond

Christina Paiva, District 2

Vanessa Pimentel, Bayview

Julie Pitta, Richmond

Winnie Porter, Excelsior District

Alexander Post, Bayview

Ken Rackow, District 4

Shaylan Ramirez Gonzalez, Bernal Heights

Garys Ramirez Mejia, Bernal Heights

Jeffrey Rigo, District 4

Josh Robertson, Inner Sunset

Marsha Rosenbaum, Pacific Heights

Jeremy Rosenberg, Castro

John Michael Russom, Park Merced

Yaman Salahi, Pacific Heights

Max Sander, Outer Mission

Jeff Schindler, Bernal Heights

Charlie Sciammas, Excelsior

Breonna Slade, Ingleside

Candan Soykan, Sunset

Rebecca Susan Fengyi Young, District 10

Sandra Sutherland, Haight-Ashbury

Erin Swain, Hayes Valley

David Talbot, District 9

Celi Tamayo-Lee, District 7

Tony Tamburello, Noe Valley

Rebecca Tan King, District 1

Pam Tau Lee, Richmond

Reina Tello, Visitacion Valley

Tiffany Testo, Pacific Heights

Julie A. Traun, Noe Valley

Joe Traverso, Sunset

Claudia Traverso, Sunset

Jamal Trulove, Rincon Hill

Nancy Truong, Mission Bay

Sheila Tully, Richmond

Paul Volberding, Ashbury Heights

Brett Wilkins, Alamo Square

Kaylah Williams, Outer Sunset

Ellen Wolf, Richmond

Lily Wong, Portola

Lala Wu, Mission Bernal

Mike Zonta, Ingleside

Erica Zweig, Outer Sunset




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